Indian Summer

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring Clearance roses, orange Asia lily, purple lisianthus, red alstroemerias, white phlox, green and eucalyptus.

Pick of the Field

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring lilac veronica, pink lisianthus, lilac climatis, bupluruim, white freesia, pink wax, white alstroemerias, green and eucalyptus.


£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring pink Avalanche, pink Lisianthus, pink Veronica, pink Hyperecum, pink wax, pink Phlox, peach Germini, greenery and eucalyptus.


£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring Sunflowers, Penny lane roses, Scabiosa, yellow Asia Lily, white Astransia, Bupluruim, greenery and Eucalyptus

Provincial Charm

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring white lily, white veronica, white lisianthus, white snapdragons, white agapanthus, green and eucalyptus.

Mountain Mist

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring white Avalanche, white Veronica, white Syringa, white Snapdragon, green Viburnum, greenery and eucalyptus

Hydrangea bouquet


Featuring blue hydrangea , pink  lisianthus, aqua pink roses, bupluruim green and eucalyptus.     please note that the hydrangea blue colour shade my change depends on the availability   ...

Out of the Blue

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring Thistle, lilac Lisianthus, purple Veronica purple Lisianthus, lilac Static, greenery and eucalyptus.


£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring peach Avalanche, purple/lilac Dolphenium, pink Germini, pink lily, Bupluruim, greenery and eucalyptus.

La Fiesta

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring Miss Peggy roses, yellow Asia Lily, pink Alstroemerias, green Hyperecum, red Portea, red Bouvardia, lilac Veronica, Bupluruim, greenery and Eucalyptus


£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring orange Clarence, Protea pin cushion, green Hyperecum, red Safari, Thistle, pink Alstroemerias, Solidago, greenery and eucalyptus

Peonies Pink Perfection

£42.00 – £78.00

Indulge in the luxurious beauty of our exquisite "Pink  Perfection" bouquet, featuring luscious dark pink peonies accented with verdant greenery for a truly captivating ensemble. Each velvety peony bloom exudes...


£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring white Roses, cream Germini, lilac Statice, white Alstroemerias, white Wax, white lily, Astransia, greenery and Eucalyptus

Tuscan Summer

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring white Lisianthus, yellow narcissi, pink Veronica, pink jenista, green and Eucalyptus.


£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring dark pink Roses, dark pink Blooms, pink Lily, pink Phlox, pink Climatis, greenery and eucalyptus.

Seasonal Pink

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring pink snapdragon, white Hyperecum, pink phlox, soft pink astilbe, green and eucalyptus.


£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring Clarence rose, yellow Germini, lilac Statis, green Hyperecum, Slodigo, series alstroemerias, greenery and Eucalyptus

Retro Colours

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring white Avalanche, white Blooms, white Hyperecum, white Lisianthus, Viburnum, greenery and Eucalyptus.


£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring yellow Penny lane roses, pink Avalanche, peach Germini, purple Lisianthus/Dalphenium, pink Lily, greenery and eucalyptus.

Pink Splendour

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring Aqua pink, pink Balthazar blooms, dark pink Carnation, dark pink Alstroemerias, pink Veronica, pink Genista, greenery and eucalyptus.



Featuring peach avalanche, purple climatis, dark pink alstroemerias, white asatransia, lilac freesia, oxipotalumus, green and eucalyptus.

Pink Hydrangeas bouquet


Featuring soft pink tulips, light blue dolphinium/oxipotalumus, pink lisianthus, pink alstroemerias, green and eucalyptus.   please note that the flowers and the colour  might change depend the availability.     



Featuring white avalanche, white alstroemerias, white lisianthus, white lily, pink achillea, green and eucalyptus.

Dozen Red Naomi Roses


Featuring 12 red Naomi roses and gypsophila greenery and eucalyptus

Lilac Exquisite

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring Purple rose, purple Lisianthus, white Astransia , pink Carnation, pink Alstroemerias, purple Statice, white Lily, greenery and Eucalyptus.



Featuring purple veronica, white snapdragons, white phlox, pink campanula/lisianthus, green and Eucalyptus.



Featuring dark pink Cala lily, lime green carnation, pink phlox, pink Hyperecum, white astransia, purple climatis, green and eucalyptus.

6 Red Roses


Featuring 6 red Naomi roses and gypsophila greenery and eucalyptus

Autumn Garden

£42.00 – £78.00

Featuring:  Thistle, Climatis, green Hypericum, Pink Lisianthus, Pink Veronica, Purple statice and Gre  

Purple Rain


Featuring white avalanche, purple Iris, purple statice, purple freesia, purple Veronica, white lily, green and eucalyptus.

White Phalaenopsis Orchid


At Putney Florist, we present to you the exquisite beauty of a white phalaenopsis orchid delicately nestled in a handmade ceramic pot. This stunning floral arrangement embodies the essence of...

White Whisper “peonies


Step into a realm of pure sophistication and elegance with our ethereal "White Whisper" bouquet, a vision of pristine beauty crafted exclusively with exquisite white peonies and delicate greenery. The...



 Introducing the Majorelle floral arrangement, a stunning and vibrant display of flowers designed to bring joy and beauty to any space. This exquisite arrangement is artfully crafted in a cream...

Meadow picked


In the heart of our enchanting meadow-inspired hand-tied bouquet at Putney Florist, you'll discover a captivating array of blooms that mirror the beauty and charm of a wildflower meadow. Our...



Featuring viburnum, white snapdragon, white lisianthus, white freesia, white alstroemeria. Green and eucalyptus.



Featuring white avalanche, lilac climatis, pink astransia, white astilbe, white companiula, green and eucalyptus.



Featuring peach avalanche, lime green lisianthus, pink astilbe, craspedia, bupluruim and white nigela. Green and eucalyptus .

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