White Phalaenopsis Orchid


At Putney Florist, we present to you the exquisite beauty of a white phalaenopsis orchid delicately nestled in a handmade ceramic pot. This stunning floral arrangement embodies the essence of...



Calathea is a popular indoor plant known for its vibrant and strikingfoliage. It belongs to the Marantaceae family and is native to the tropicalregions of South America. The Calathea is loved...

pink Hydrangea plant


The pink hydrangea is a delicate and enchanting flowering plant that captivates with its soft, pastel hues. Known for its voluminous clusters of tiny blossoms, the pink hydrangea exudes a...



Phalaenopsis orchid, also known as the Moth orchid, is a popular andwidely cultivated orchid species. It is native to Southeast Asia, includingcountries like the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The Phalaenopsisorchid is...

Basket planter


containing small spray roses, hyacinths, daffodils,and ivy is a delightful arrangement that combines the beauty of differentflowers and foliage. The small spray roses add a touch of elegance with theirdelicate...



also known as the Elephant Ear plant, is a popular choice forindoor gardening enthusiasts. With its large, vibrant leaves and unique shape,it adds a touch of tropical elegance to any...

A mixed planter


composed of seasonal plants is a wonderful way tobring joy and cheer to someone’s day. With a variety of plants in differentshapes, sizes, and colors, this planter creates a vibrant...

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